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Winter Testimonials

AEC Winter at St Mary's College:

"I only wish I had done this before." A. Kyriazoploulos

"Very good. Will help cement what I have learnt at school." Milek

"So well worth it! I come every time to do more revision." Kirby V.
"I have gained a greater understanding of the course." Christina H.

"Very impressed, feel much more confident now." Rose M.

Extremely useful revision; a motivating experience that I would highly recommend." Brooke R.

"I was expecting them to be more note-based but I really liked having specific booklets and power-points that Noel provided. I really got a lot out of this course." Megan C.

"Help and resources given were extremely helpful and will help me get through the rest of this year." Harley C.

"This was the most useful course that I went to. The seminar leader was excellent and notes that were given were very clear and straight to the point." Mathumitha B.

"It was great, we covered lots of content in detail." Maddy R.

"The fulfilment I gained from this course was greater than anything else that has ever happened to me." Amila K.
"It was really helpful. Although there was a lot to cover, he taught at the right speed to cover all of it in as much detail as possible." Nicholas F.

"Takes the pressure out of exam revision." Mia R.

"I found that the information about how our exams were marked was extremely valuable¡. Having an examiner help you through is extremely invaluable." Zoe D.

"Great seminars. Friendly tutors in a comfortable environment." Kate W.

"Much more useful than I thought. Good clarity on concepts that you are unsure about." Zac R.

"It helped me revise, something I might not have done at home." Alen P.

"The programme was excellent. I'm now fully confident with my knowledge and understanding of the semester one work, and motivated to do well in the coming semester." Taylor T.

" It did live up to my expectations. Fantastic teacher that helped me to understand economic principles much clearer." Samuel

"Very relevant. Covered any questions on topics I was unsure of." Tallal M.

" It surpassed my expectations, and I was pleasantly surprised by the information given." Matthew P.

"I didn't know what to expect but what I got out of it I think was very useful and helped me grasp a clearer understanding. Motivates me to continue through year 12!" Arielle S.

"Definitely try this out. It will be worth your time!" Janine Z.

"The seminar built up my confidence and was excellent. Working in a group and individually was unexpected but great. I would come to another seminar; they are excellent!" Elyse M.

"Relevant, especially in going through research essays on the last day, but also methods to study and remember information." Nisha K.

"Great learning tool to help increase your understanding of the topic / subject." Angus L.

"Cut my revision time in half." Deanna M.

"It was useful to have the subject explained in an alternate way to the school's teacher." Genevieve W.

"The seminars were good, the teacher was good at explaining and covering information we need for exams specifically. Questions were also new and different." Mara Z.

"If there was anything to help clarify the theory from school, this would be it." Feebi H.

"It was good preparation for mid year exams. Very relevant." Emilia A.

"Different perspective to the subject." Shantanu M.

"These seminars provided me with an in depth opportunity to revise the stuff I have learnt in class." Jacob M.

"Fantastic motivation to excel." Daniel S.

"Great way of learning new methods and getting new experience." Kane B.

"Comprehensive and challenging while also helping to improve on prior knowledge." Nicholas S.

"Just Fantastic!" Garreth H.

"I have learnt a lot during these Physical Education seminars. Definitely money well spent." Jessica P.

"Best yet. It's amazing how a different teacher and learning style can re-ignite my passion." Milek P.

"A course that not only goes over but goes into detail on topics of particular difficulty." John H.

"I didn'texpect this much. I believe the information given was very helpful, relevant and gave a better understanding on how to approach Physics. I really enjoyed it." Alen P.

"Excellent preparation for upcoming work this semester, more confident in Physics this term." Catherine C.

"They were perfect for exam revision. They helped to jog my memory and learn more about each topic and what is actually needed for exams. Good to get a different perspective on Biology. Very useful and the pace was perfect." Hayley A.


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