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Adelaide Education Consultants has been assisting South Australian students with their GAMSAT, UMAT and UCAT exam preparation for nearly 40 years.
In partnership with one of Australia's leading UCAT trainers we offer students a unique training program.

Our program runs from 9am - 6pm on Thursday 9, Friday 10, Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 April.


UCAT Strategy Weekend Thur 9 & Fri 10 April

2 full days of teaching to build all the key strategies for all 5 sections of the UCAT. Cover theory, time management and questions application.

Dr Scott Fraser has a PhD in Chemistry from The University of Melbourne and a strong track record in Scientific Communication and Teaching.
He has over 15 years of tertiary tutoring experience and has been tutoring the GAMSAT, UMAT, and UCAT for over 12 years. 




Dr Tom Kelly is well known for his strategic approach to the GAMSAT that helped him score a perfect 100.
He has tutored GAMSAT, UMAT, and UCAT for over 8 years combined, and is famous for his YouTube channel “TheMedicalMethod.” 
His experience as a fully qualified doctor also serves as a great mentoring point for our future doctors.




Dr. Christopher Nordstrom graduated from University College London with a first class honours degree in Neuroscience and a prize-winning degree in Medicine.
He is one of the UK’s leading pre-medical school tutors, having authored several books and regularly lecturing at international conferences on the UCAT and BMAT. 
He completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Education with distinction and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
He is a practising doctor and heads up the academic team at The Medic Portal.





Jordan specialises in the Situational Judgement subtest of the UCAT.
He has completed a Bachelor of Biomedicine and is currently completing the clinical years of his Doctor of Medicine (MD) program parallel-consulting in general practice.
He has a special interest for Paediatrics & Child Health research and has previously worked at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute at the Royal Children’s Hospital.
Since joining Fraser’s UCAT, Jordan has lead the Situational Judgement team for the last two years.




Sam specialises in the Verbal Reasoning and Decision Making subtests of the UCAT.
He has completed a Bachelor of Government and International Relations and is currently in the penultimate year of his Juris Doctorate.
Sam has worked at Fraser’s for just over one year in both the GAMSAT and UCAT spaces and will be heading to Vienna next April to compete in a moot competition for his university.




Shabeer has a Masters in in Education from the University of Melbourne specialising in pedagogy, course design, and optimisation of learning outcomes in a number of contexts.
His undergraduate specialised in Philosophy and Education, also at The University of Melbourne, and has been teaching since both privately and at elite High Schools.
He has over 5 years experience teaching GAMSAT, UCAT, UMAT, LSAT and other psychometric tests specialising in the comprehension and written communication areas of those exams.


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