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Testimonials (Autumn)

AEC Autumn at St Mary's College:

For the best results in year 12, these seminars are the way to go!" Paula

"The perfect support for year 12." Andrew R.

"I failed my first test at school! I then attended a couple of Revision Seminars with AEC and ended up getting an ATAR of 96.8. Thank you AEC!" M.Peters

"This was by far the most helpful and productive way I could have spent my school holidays. Well worth the money spent and highly recommend it to all." Abbey H.

"I found clarification was evident and it helped me better understand the topic." Megan C.

"Was relevant. Also had an insight into next term's work and how to approach different exam questions." Name not supplied.

" The seminar leader continually maintained a core focus on all topics ensuring presentations were informative and interesting." Liana T.

"I'm coming every holidays! It was well worth it." Kirby V.

"I was pleased with the amount of work covered as it allowed me to get really good notes and will help me revise more effectively." Harry P.

"These seminars were well worth it. The leaders take time and patience to ensure we understand." Name not supplied.

"Absolutely fantastic! Great to get a different perspective from true professionals." Tim S.

"I found it extremely useful. Also now have a greater understanding how to approach exam questions." Name not supplied.

"It was good to have an incredibly motivating tutor that enjoyed what he was doing and was incredibly enthusiastic." Alex G.

"Very enjoyable and you get good advise too." Harry P.

"The seminars did reach my expectations. Every thing was well covered. Very much worth the investment. The seminar leaders all had very high and good knowledge." Amy M.

"Totally worth the money. These seminars provide great revision and guidance. Definitely will be attending again." Chantelle A.

"A great time to examine what you already know and find out what you don?t know. These seminars helped me heaps!" Anna V.

"Well worth it. An excellent help for this point during the year." Chelsea K.

"I only considered doing it for the first and last sessions but will not hesitate to do it again!" Jacqueline E.

"Covered more information than school teacher. Closely related to syllabus exam possible questions." Lisa F.

"John was fantastic. I am much better prepared for Term 2." Nathan H.

"Definitely worth it. I learnt quite a lot more because it was explained in a different way." Jackson D.

"The seminar did live up to my expectations, in fact, it exceeded my expectations." Steven H.

"These seminars give students a strong understanding on their chosen subjects." Jamie N.

"The seminars gave me a chance to consolidate the information I had learnt in class at school." Alana P.

"The seminars did live up to my expectations. All information given was relevant and even some information gave me a head start on next term's work." Caitlin M.

"It's been great, very helpful. Topics covered were appropriate to our course." Mariam M.

"It was perfect, just what was needed. Covered everything that has been covered at school and was explained / taught well. The seminar has really made me more sure of my learning. Made me a more confident student." Jessica H.

"This programme was a lot better than I was expecting. I really liked the interaction between student and teacher. The seminars were awesome and beneficial." Jess C.

"This is a well planned seminar. I learnt a lot out of it." Oakley T.

"Perfect. Covered the content well! Thank you. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you!" Marian M.

"They were excellent. The teacher's ability to help it all make sense is amazing! I know what I'm doing now." Aaron L.

"Very good, good practise of problems." Micol V.

"It was everything I expected and extremely helpful. All questions I asked were answered quickly and clearly." Lincoln W.

"Great revision for past work and fantastic preparation for future work." Nick A.

"Seminars are not a waste of holidays. Were useful, better understanding and now can apply knowledge better." Fern K.

"I did the Physics seminar in the summer holidays and found it to be realy useful. This one was just as good as the last one and really helped me with my revision." Miranda V.

"Was worth coming along. I actually enjoyed it." Victoria F.

"I started off having low self-esteem but now at day 4 I want to go back to school and excel." Name supplied.

"All information was relevant and useful. I feel I will be able to refer to the notes taken and given. Very useful and great tutor." Laura I.

"They were great and informative. It was a great overview of completed topics and an introduction to future topics. They have made me feel much better about the subject. I now have a clearer understanding and am leaving it feeling far more confident." Caitlin N.

"Definitely worth it, helped me with my assignment. It was great." Maddison C.

"Receiving extra information is not wasted time." Jessica H.

"Very useful, provide great revision toward exams." Greg M.

"Really good to go over all the past stuff." Brian S.

"The perfect support for year 12." Andrew R.





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