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  1. In line with Refund Policies and Procedures adopted and applied by training authorities and education institutions in the State of South Australia this refund policy is designed to be fair and just in its interpretation and its application for both the consumer and the education provider.

  2. Due to the very nature of securing and “bedding down” the very best seminar leaders in South Australia in a “holiday” period, fees paid in advance form the very basis of employment contracts for the said seminar leaders in question.

    1. Seminar leaders in fact plan their own holidays, family and social commitments around these seminars.

    2. Seminar leaders forgo other employment opportunities in doing so.

  3. AEC’s policy of providing students with quality work books during the seminars implies pre-production and a commitment to a publishing company to ensure all students receive a work book copy during the seminars.  This is not an added cost to the consumer but part of our seminar fee.  The service does however require forward planning and budgeting for.

  4. For these reasons et al fees paid in advance for holiday seminars cannot be refunded.

  5. Policy 4. above includes situations where students become ill, where

schools have organised their own programmes pre or post the enrolment date with AEC and where for any reason a student decides to enrol in another course elsewhere, where a student discontinues a subject at school for any reason.  Where a seminar leader becomes ill, AEC will offer alternative arrangements to compensate missed time.

  1. AEC has in place a Policy of Continuous Improvement and Quality Control Policies and Procedures including the processing of Feedback Sheets at the end of seminars by students.  These form the basis of validating for AEC and providing empirical evidence that a seminar has or has not lived up to our high expectations.  Unfortunately due to the very nature of a “seminar”, AEC cannot be held responsible for any perceived incongruence between a teaching and learning style particularly when feedback sheets demonstrate that the group as a whole, assessed the seminar in a positive light.  Our seminar leaders do their professional best to demonstrate a variety of teaching styles as a matter of best practice.

  2. Parents/students can use these fees as seminar or tuition credits for future holiday programmes.  If this option is taken, Adelaide Education Consultants will honour the same rate for a future programme even if fees for future programmes exceed those originally paid for.

    1. Eg. If a parent/student pays $180 for a Headstart Programme and defers the course until the Spring Programme, but doesn’t advise until after the early bird discount period finishes, then AEC will still honour the course at $180 and not $235.

  3. Parents/students are also able to transfer their fee payment to a tuition service. For example, a referral fee and tuition fee to a tutor may be substituted for a Holiday Programme fee. A request for this type of transfer must be made in writing via mail or email.

  4. Parents/students may also transfer their fee to a sibling or friend as long as they advise The Holiday Seminar Coordinator in writing that this is the case.

  5. Where parents/students discover that for any reason they have commenced a course and do not require continuation of that course, a refund cannot be provided on the grounds explained in 2. and 3. above.

  6. In 9. above, parents and students can transfer the unused component of their course in another course during that 2 week period and/or defer/delay the use of those course credits for a future holiday programme or alternative service. See points 4-6 above.

  7. AEC will not be held responsible for misquoting of Early Bird or Full Fee offers provided in its marketing material, inclusive of errors in judgement by teachers and/or Errors and or Omissions made by AEC in marketing material including emails, flyers and brochure distribution.  Brochure offers (including Early Bird discounts) in print however will be honoured unconditionally.

  8. Parents/students are not able to claim course credits against products (eg Revision Guides/Education Products) that AEC may have for sale at the time.

  9. Force Majeure clause: In accordance with the World Health Organisation’s policies in relation to the qualification of a “epidemic” or “pandemic” as a “force majeure”, AEC reserves the right under international law to provide a refund should it be necessary to enforce its “force majeure” clause.

  10. The AEC seminar brochures under Page 6/Your Enrolment Form/Fee Reduction Criteria clearly requests that parents and students consult the web site for the Cancellation, Refund Policy and Attendance Policy and Procedure, ensuring full disclosure by AEC has been transparent and accessible to all external parties. This Policy Statement is available to the general public on the AEC web site:

Seminar Cancellation/Refund Procedure: About
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