12 Biology: Topic 4: Evolution

12 Biology: Topic 4: Evolution

Topic 4: Evolution
Students examine the biological evidence that forms the basis for understanding the changes in species described in the theory of evolution by natural selection. In this topic, students investigate the genetic basis for the theory of evolution by natural selection through constructing, using, and evaluating explanatory and predictive models for gene pool diversity of populations. They explore genetic variation in gene pools, selection pressures, and isolation effects in order to explain speciation and extinction events and make predictions about future changes to populations.
Through the investigation of appropriate contexts, students explore ways in which models and theories have developed over time. This includes changes in the understanding of natural selection, evolution, and population genetics, and the technologies used to investigate them. They discuss the influences and impacts of social, cultural, economic, and ethical considerations of habitat change.
Students investigate ways in which science contributes to contemporary debate about local, regional, and global issues, including evaluation of risk and action for sustainability. Students also recognise the limitations of science to provide definitive answers in different contexts.
Students use science inquiry skills to design and conduct investigations into how different factors affect processes in gene pools. They further enhance their scientific literacy by creating and using models to analyse the data gathered, and continue to develop their critical thinking skills by constructing plausible predictions and valid and reliable conclusions.


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