12 Biology: Topic 1: DNA and proteins

12 Biology: Topic 1: DNA and proteins

92 Detailed Powerpoints with Questions
Topic 1: DNA and proteins
Heredity is an important biological principle as it explains why new cells or offspring resemble their parent cell or parent organism. Some organisms require cellular division and differentiation for growth, development, repair, and sexual reproduction. Students investigate the structure of DNA and processes involved in the transmission of genetic material to the next generation of cells and to offspring. They also develop an understanding of how genetic information is expressed in cells and organisms, and how this understanding has changed in the light of new technology and new evidence. They study how interactions between genes and environmental conditions influence an organism’s characteristics.Students relate gene expression to protein production and explore some of the many roles that proteins have in a functioning cell and organism. They speculate on the possible outcomes of gene modification and discuss the associated ethical implications and consequences. Students develop an understanding of the increased capacity of technology to acquire and process genetic data, and explore some of the social, environmental, and economic impacts of scientific research in this area as they continue to develop their social and personal capability.


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