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Modern learning: How to make the most out of online zoom or webinar lessons.

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

  1. Be clear about the difference between a zoom and a webinar.

  2. Ensure you keep the advanced booking in your diary.

  3. Most services will provide you with reminders in advance.

  4. If you are not receiving these, check your spam folder.

  5. Communicate with the household. Let everyone know you need space and time alone for this lesson.

  6. If you can choose hook up times where there is minimal activity in the house.

  7. Before the lesson, ensure all other competing apps are closed on your computer.

  8. Turn off all social media platforms on all devices.

  9. Have your note pad ready to take down key points.

  10. If a replay is available, we suggest you categorise your key points, leave space and then add dot points when you replay.

  11. This way you will keep up with the presenter and not miss out on key explanations.

  12. Keep questions to the end of the lesson, where typically a Q and A period is provided with the facilitator.

  13. A good online lesson will keep you engaged throughout the full lesson.

  14. Don't abandon the lesson if you don't understand a concept....hang on in there until the next concept is explained.

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