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Week 1: Tue 14 - Fri 17 Apr, 9.30 am - 12.30 pm or,
Week 2: Mon 20 - Thur 23, 9.30 am - 12.30 pm

Each session will be a combination of theory presentation and methods of problem solving.
Furthermore, it covers the skills that are required to manage Physics both theoretically, and experimentally.

Day 1. 1.1 Projectile Motion. 1.2 Forces and Momentum
Day 2. 1.3 Circular Motion and Gravitation. 1.4 Relativity
Day 3. 2.1 Electric Fields. 2.2: Motion of Charged Particles in Electric Fields
Day 4. 2.5 Electromagnetic Induction. 3.1 Wave behaviour of light. 

The connection of theory to exam style questions will be an integral part of all sessions presented.

Seminar Leader: Mr Joe Russo BEd (Physics)
Joe has taught SACE and IB Physics for the last 21 years at leading independent schools.
Joe has been a co-editor of the SASTA Physics Revision Guide and has been a member of the
team responsible for the preparation of SACE Physics Exam paper solutions.


Seminar Leader: Ms Ashleigh Schofield BSc BEd
Ashleigh is an experienced IB and SACE Physics teacher at a leading independent school in South Australia.
In completing a double degree, Ashleigh won the Clare Corani Memorial Prize in Physics, awarded by the University to the highest achieving female Physics student. Ashleigh has taught in numerous schools in Australia and London.
Ashleigh's passion for the subject and her understanding of the SACE and IB Physics curriculum has enabled many of her students to achieve outstanding results.



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