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Physical Education

Week 1: Tue 14 - Fri 17 April, 11.00am - 1.00pm or,

Week 2: Tue 21 - Fri 24 April 11.00am - 1.000pm

These 2 hour webinars will be delivered online.

All you will need is a computer or laptop.
You will be sent a registration link once you have enrolled.
You will not need to download any software onto your computer.
It is recommended that you book for all 4 sessions.

Day 1. What are the sources of energy for physical performance?
Sources of nutrients: fats, carbohydrates, protein.
Chemical breakdown of nutrients: Aerobic & anaerobic energy: ATP-CP system, lactic acid system, oxygen system.
Contribution of energy systems in specific activities.
Acute response to exercise.

Day 2. Effects of training and evaluation on physical performance?
Chronic responses to aerobic & anaerobic training.
Analysis of energy demands of sport & training prescriptions. Measurement & monitoring of fitness.
Training principles and methods.

Day 3. How can specific physiological factors affect performance?
Body stature & composition. Environmental considerations & performance.
Nutrition & physical performance.

Day 4. What factors affect patterns of physical activity?
Population trends in physical activity. Determinants of, & barriers to, physical activity.
Health benefits of physical activity.

Seminar Leader: Mr Terry Jones BA Dip Ed
Terry is an experienced Year 12 PE teacher with many years of teaching experience at Year 12 level.
Terry’s enthusiastic presentations have assisted many year 12’s attain excellent results.
Terry uses the Fundamentals Physical Education Revision Guide. 


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