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Week 2: Mon 15 - Wed 17 Jul
1.30 pm - 4.30 pm 

School assessment will comprise 70% of total assessment, with the externally assessed Comparative Analysis comprising 30%.

Day 1. Responding to texts.
Day 2. Creating Texts
Day 3. Comparative Analysis

How to manage an independent study

Individual progression and “needs met” focus facilitated in a small group environment. 

Seminar Leader: Ms Kay Brindal, B.A. Dip Ed.

Kay has been a teacher of Stage 2 English since 1990, specialising in English Studies (now English Literary Studies) since 1994. 
Kay has held the position of Head of English in various schools over a number of years. Kay’s enthusiastic approach to learning and 
teaching is complemented by the delivery of professional development for teachers of English, 
continued involvement in the creation of English support materials, and by relevant SACE Board experience in external assessment and moderation.




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