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Chemistry Week 1 only

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Week 1: Tue 9 - Fri 12 Jul 9.30 - 12.30 OR,

Day 1. Topic 1: Monitoring the Environment: global warming & climate change; photochemical smog; Volumetric analysis; chromatography; atomic spectroscopy.
Day 2. Topic 2: Managing Chemical Processes: Rates of Reaction; equilibrium & yield; optimising production.
Day 3. Topic 3: Organic & Biological Chemistry: Introduction; alcohols; aldehydes & Ketones; Carboxylic acids; amines.
Day 4. Topic 3: Organic & Biological Chemistry: esters; amides; triglycerides; proteins.

A critical look at essay construction and presentation will be an integral part of this course as will exam preparation procedures. 



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