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Week Options:

Week 1: Tue 9 - Fri 12 July OR,
Week 2: Mon 15 - Thurs 18 July

Time Options:

Week 1 am: 9.30 - 12.30
Week 1 pm: 1.30 - 4.30
Week 2 am: 9.30 - 12.30

Day 1. DNA and proteins: Roles of DNA. Transcription. Translation. Structure and function.

Day 2. DNA and proteins: Enzymes. Mutations. Gene Expression. Biotechnology. Sequencing. PCR. Transgenesis. Profiling.

Day 3. Cells: Cell Theory. ADP/ATP. Movement through membranes.

Day 4. Cells: Metabolism. Fission. Mitosis. Division. Intro. Homeostasis.   

During the week we shall discuss how to tackle different types of questions. Practice questions include many specially written by the presenter.

Seminar Leader: Mr Peter Hatcliffe BA BSc
Peter is an experienced Biology teacher and is currently teaching Year 12 SACE Biology at a leading school in Adelaide.
Peter's presentations are well presented and easy to follow and are supported by tailor made notes, questions and solutions.
Read about his recent student testimonials below:

"Mr Hatcliffe was a great presenter! 

Very informative information that allowed me t learn and recall a lot of information. 
Questions and powerpoints provided were also great! L. Loh

"The tutor, Mr Hatcliffe was absolutely amazing! Z. Bowman

"So worth the money. Extremely beneficial and the teacher (Mr Hatcliffe) was engaging so wasn't boring" Angelique

"Learnt more than I expected. Well worth the time and money. "M Corelli

" I am so glad I chose to attend these seminars. The seminar leader (Mr Hatcliffe) was excellent and now I feel much more confident."  T Stint

"Excellent and VERY useful. A great way to support Year 12 students." Najiba

"The notes provided by Mr Hatcliffe were very useful and the way he explained concepts was fantastic." Kelly

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