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Week 1: Tue 14 - Fri 17 Apr, 9.30 am - 12.30 pm or,
Week 2: Mon 20 - Thur 24, 9.30 am - 12.30 pm

Day 1. DNA and proteins, incl. protein synthesis.
Day 2. DNA and proteins, incl. enzymes. Techniques for written answers.
Day 3. DNA and proteins, incl. biotechnology. Acids and bases.
Day 4. Cells as the basis of life.

Throughout the week there will be practice questions, including many from past examination papers,
and discussion of how to tackle different types of  questions.

Seminar Leader: Dr. Keith Gatford B Sc  Grad Dip T PhD
Keith has worked at leading Universities for nearly 10 years and has been a senior Chemistry and Biology teacher for over a decade.
In that time he has achieved with his students, seven merits in Chemistry and seventeen merits in Biology.
Keith also assists the SACE board in moderation of both Chemistry and Biology and in curriculum development and review.



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