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11 Research Project

Mon 7 - Wed 9 Oct
1.30 - 4.30
Day 1 Focussing on the folio: research question, planning and development
Day 2 Producing the research outcome: synthesis of key findings and resolving the research question
Day 3 Evaluation: analysis of research processes, challenges and opportunities, quality of research outcome

Individual progression and “needs met” focus facilitated in a small group environment. 

Seminar Leader: Mr David Crossman BA Dip Ed 

David has experience in a number of senior teaching roles. Until recently he was Chief Assessor of Philosophy for the SACE Board. 
He is a former English Coordinator and he is a Moderator and Marker of the Research Project. 
David is well qualified to help students successfully meet the requirements for SACE and IB research and investigations while improving their essay writing skills.



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