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Year 11 Study Skills

Tuesday 17 - Wednesday 19 July
9.30 am - 12.30 pm



 Day 1: 

How to capitalise on your VAK strengths. 
How to implement Left/Right Brain Strategies to improve study outcomes. 
Which online Organisation Apps/ Tools are best? 
Learn the crucial difference between note taking and note making. Discover the secrets of successful 20/20, 7/7 students.

Day 2: 
Analysis of proven and tested Time Management Models. 
How to put the Pareto and Parkinson TM laws into perspective. 
How to use Goal Setting to underpin and crystallize desired results. 
Test and Exam Preparation Strategies. 
Discover why and where students continually lose marks in tests and exams. (compiled by past and present examiners). 
Memory Skill Strategies.

Day 3: 
Student Motivation Techniques. 
Stress Management. Relaxation Techniques. 
Self Management Skills. 
Learn how to deal with test and exam anxiety. 
Learn how to effectively balance sport, work and study responsibilities.

Seminar Leader: Mr Greg Allison BA Dip Ed
A past senior Year 12 Teacher and Coordinator, Greg has been specializing in academic excellence and personal development for over 30 years. 
His empathy for and understanding of student concerns stems from hands on teaching experience in Adelaide’s Eastern, Southern, Western and Northern suburban High Schools and in Eyre Peninsula and Riverland High Schools.  
No stranger to success and motivation psychology, Greg has successfully coached sporting teams at State, National and International level and has represented South Australia on 32 and Australia on 9 occasions and is a World Championship Bronze medallist.
Greg’s practical, no nonsense approach towards the many aspects of student performance has motivated and enhanced academic performance
for thousands of students. 
His learning and motivation strategies have been recognized by training authorities overseas and interstate.

“Brilliant!...the best Study Skills presenter in Adelaide by miles.” J. Hillman “Very inspirational for any Yr.12 student. Highly recommended.” J. Simmons “10/10....This course should be compulsory for all Year 11-12’s.”A. Wilson 
“It has inspired me to do my best and put in 100%.” L. Bajada
“Brilliant, no other word to describe it.” Elena Violin
“I can’t wait to see the new strategies I learnt in this course.” B. Mulholland
“The seminar re-lit the flame of hope.” Hayley Wood
“Engaging, insightful and extremely relevant. A course all Year 12’s should consider.” J. Merrett 




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