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Teacher SACE Stage 2 Chemistry

"As a beginning Year 12 teacher, I am so glad I chose these training sessions. The presenter I had is surely one of the most knowledgeable teachers in the state. I can highly recommend these for teachers new to Year 12 subjects, and, to those who want to enhance their knowledge even further." D. Kildea

" I found that the content covered and the leader's ability to link between topics showed so much additional clarity that it has increased my confidence as a beginning SACE teacher. I can now give my students a very rounded and thorough understanding of the curriculum. I would highly recommend this program to any new or even existing SACE teacher" C Kemp

"Excellent. I've been teaching Year 12's for nearly 30 years and I still found lots of useful strategies I can take back to the classroom and use next week! Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend these training seminars. " Tanya


Adelaide Education Consultants has been training teachers and tutors in secondary subjects since 1980.
Our presenters are masters in their field and have a passion for their respective subjects.
Our teacher training programs focus on not only delivering current content, but in addition provide an explanation of content changes and delivery.
All teachers receive a subject teaching guide which may include a solutions Guide for the content delivered during the program.


Desired outcomes for teachers include:

1. A broader understanding of subject content.
2. A wider range of teaching methodologies to take back into the classroom.
3. Clarification on subject specific problematic topics/units.
4. Further understanding of assessment criteria and application.
5. As other attendees may include students, teachers receive real time, first hand feedback on individual student concerns.

Suitable for teachers commencing the subject for the first time or experienced practitioners wishing to expand their bank of knowledge.



Day 1. Skills. Analytical Techniques.
Day 2. Elemental & Environmental Chemistry.
Day 3. Using & Controlling Reactions.
Day 4. Organic & Biological Chemistry.
Day 5. Complete Organic Chemistry. Materials.

A critical look at essay construction and presentation will be an integral part of this course as will exam preparation procedures. 


Mr Ian Kershaw BSc Dip Ed
Ian has been teaching SACE Chemistry for over 30 years & has been a SACE Chemistry marker for 13 years. 
Ian is the author of the Chemistry Fundamentals Revision Guide and Solutions Guide and has assisted a number of his students to 20/20. 



Week 1 Mon Oct 1 - Fri Oct 5: 9.30 am - 12.30 pm
Week 1 Mon Oct 1 - Fri Oct 5: 1.30 pm - 4.30 pm
Week 2 Mon Oct 8 - Fri Oct 12: 9.30 am - 12.30 pm


Education Development Centre (entrance on Milner Street)



Bus Numbers 150/153/155/156/157 from North Terrace leaving the City every 15 minutes to Stop 7 on Port Road.

Grange or Outer Harbor train to Bowden Station.


An Adelaide Independent Taxi phone is located just inside the main entrance.


The Education Development Centre car park is located on Orsmond Street and runs adjacent to Milner Street. 
Parking is available for 180 vehicles.



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