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Tue 17 - Fri 20 Apr, 9.00 am - 11.30 am

Day 1. Projectile Motion. Uniform Circular Motion.
Day 2. Uniform Circular Motion continues. Gravitation & Satellites.
Day 3. Momentum in Two Dimensions.
Day 4. Electric Fields with Motion of Charged Particles in Electric Fields.
The connection of theory to exam style questions will be an integral part of all sessions presented.

Seminar Leader: Mr Hiwa Jaldiani BSc Grad Dip Ed
Hiwa has many years experience as a senior Mathematics & Physics teacher at SACE & IB level. A number of Hiwa’s students have achieved the perfect 20 in recent years. Hiwa’s presentations are very popular & include integrated graphical demonstrations to assist in the understanding of key concepts.
Hiwa has a limited number of private tutoring vacancies.



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