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4 Sessions of 3 hours each....For MAXIMUM benefit it is recommended that all 4 sessions are attended.


Week 1 Tue Oct 2 - Fri Oct 5: 1.30 pm - 4.30 pm  

Day 1. The Fundamentals of Human Nutrition. Macro nutrients. Micro nutrients. Digestion. Malabsorption syndrome. Metabolism.

Day 2. Diet, Lifestyle and Health: Contemporary disorders related to diet and lifestyle. Prevention, control & reversal of symptoms. Lifestyle factors. Role of physical activity.

Day 3. Food Selection and Dietary Evaluation: Nutritional requirements and awareness. Influence of physiological, psychological, economic and social factors.

Day 4. Food, Nutrition and the Consumer: Practices of domestic & commercial producers, manufacturers & distributors of food. Role of consumer. Role of mass media. Option Analysis: Global nutrition and Ecological sustainability. Global hunger

Seminar Leader: Ms Anna Palombaro BEd (Science)
Anna has been teaching Nutrition for many years and has marked Nutrition exams. 
Anna is the compiler of the Fundamentals Nutrition Revision Guide. 


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