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IB Maths SL

Tuesday 2 Oct - Friday 5 October

Week 1 pm sessions: 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Each session is intended to serve the needs of SL students.
Exam preparation Strategies will be an integral part of each day. 

Day 1: Topic 1 2: Algebra, Functions and Equations

Day 2: Topic 3: Circular Functions and Trigonometry

Day 3: Topic 4: Vectors

Day 4: Topic 5: Statistics and Probability. Topic 6: Calculus

Individual requests will be accommodated in a small group work- shop environment. 
Students are invited to bring along course work they are having difficulties with.

Seminar Leader: Mr Hiwa Jaldiani B Sc Grad Dip Ed
Hiwa has many years experience as a senior Maths & Physics teacher at SACE & IB levels. 
Hiwa’s visual presentations are very popular and include include integrated graphical presentations. 
A current IB teacher, many of his students have achieved excellent results including 9 IB 7s last year.



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