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IB Chemistry SL & HL

Tue 9 Oct - Fri 12 Oct

9.30 am - 12.30 pm

Each session is intended to serve the needs of both SL and HL students.

Day 1. Stoichiometric relationships. Gas Laws. Atomic Structure. Periodicity.

Day 2. Chemical bonding and structure. Energetics/thermochemistry.

Day 3. Chemical kinetics. Equilibrium.

Day 4. Acids and bases. Redox processes. Organic chemistry. Measurement and data processing. Revision and Questions/Answer session.

It is essential that students bring with them a copy of their data booklets, a calculator and most importantly, questions which they may have found particularly difficult during their study of IB Chemistry over the past year. A discussion of practical work will be considered subject to demand.

Seminar Leader: Mr Rick Todd B Ed (Chem. Maths)
Rick has been teaching Chemistry overseas and in SA for over 40 years and is a past senior Chemistry teacher at a leading independent school. 
Rick is a past IB assistant examiner, IB moderator of practical work and IB workshop leader. 
Rick has presented numerous workshops in Australia and overseas. 
Many of Rick’s students have attained the perfect score of 7/7 in IB. 




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