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12 Chemistry

Wed 9 - Fri 11 January, 2019: 1.30pm - 4.30pm
Mon 14 - Wed 16 January, 2019: 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Day 1. Unit 1: Monitoring the Environment: 

Subtopic 1.1: Global Warming and Climate Change. 
Subtopic 1.2: Photochemical Smog

Day 2. Unit 1: Monitoring the Environment: 

Subtopic 1.3: Volumetric Analysis. 
Subtopic 1.4: Chromatography. 
Subtopic 1.5: Atomic Spectroscopy

Day 3. Unit 2: Managing Chemical Processes: 

Subtopic 2.1: Rates of Reactions
Subtopic 2.2: Equilibrium and Yield. 
Subtopic 2.3: Optimising Production

Seminar Leader: Mr Rick Todd BEd (Chem. Maths)

Rick has been teaching Chemistry in South Australia for over 35 years & has been a senior Chemistry teacher at a leading independent school.  
Many of Rick’s students have attained the perfect score of 20/20 in SACE exams and 7 in IB exams.  
Rick has also been a moderator and examiner of IB Chemistry and an accredited IB Workshop Leader.      



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